Up-to-date API doc for USB DrDAQ?

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Up-to-date API doc for USB DrDAQ?

Post by emn » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:29 pm

Hi everybody,

we have loaded the last version of the USB DrDAQ SDK r10._5_0_32 (zip file). The programmer's documentation contained in this archive indicates, as well asœ the header file usbDrDaqApi.h, that all library functions, such as UsbDrDaqEnableRGBLED, return only one value of type PICO_STATUS.

However, if we load the library (DLL file) in Matlab (R2013a) and check the signatures of the functiions contained in the library, we get apparently incompatible signatures. For instance, the signature for the led enabling function is:

[lib.pointer, voidPtr, voidPtr] UsbDrDaqEnableRGBLED (voidPtr, voidPtr)

From this signature it is not clear how to get the return value (ok or error), for instance.

Can you explain why the function signatures in the header file seem to differ from those provided by Matlab (all files charged come from the same archive file mentioned above)?

How can we know which of the return values the Matlab signature indicate which real return value and type?


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Re: Up-to-date API doc for USB DrDAQ?

Post by Karunen » Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:59 am


I have created some prototype files that can be used to control the DrDAQ.
MATLAB prototype files
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Please note when you are loading the library you will need to use

loadlibrary('USBDrDAQ.dll', @USBDrDAQMFile);


loadlibrary('USBDrDAQ.dll', 'USBDrDAQMFile');

When I called the prototype file as

loadlibrary('USBDrDAQ.dll', 'USBDrDAQMFile.m');

I got the same issue you showed.

The way to check how the function should be called is either by looking at the API or the programmer's guide

http://www.picotech.com/document/pdf/us ... g.en-4.pdf

The prototype files will become readily available in the next SDK release.


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