ps2000_run_streaming_ns and 2205A

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ps2000_run_streaming_ns and 2205A

Post by ohlhues » Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:30 pm

Dear all and Picotech,

I am new in this field. I have bought the Pico Scope 2205A and need it for fast streaming. Fortunately, Picotech has a code example that works fine. However, can anyone help me how to fix the code so I can use it with the ps2000_run_streaming_ns function?


Anders Ohlhues Baandrup
Medico & Electronic Engineer

Copenhagen University Hospital
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I have

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Declare Function ps2000_run_streaming_ns Lib "c:\ps2000.dll" (ByVal handle As Integer, ByVal sample_interval As Long, ByVal time_units As Integer, ByVal max_samples As Long, ByVal auto_stop As Integer, ByVal noOfSamplesPerAggregate As Long, ByVal overviewbuffersize As Long) As Integer
The code for reading is standard like this:

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Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Dim ok As Integer
Dim overflow As Integer
ReDim Values(1) As Integer
Dim no_of_values As Integer
Dim volts_a As Integer
Dim volts_b As Integer
ReDim Values_a(1024) As Integer
ReDim times(1024) As Long
Dim ready As Integer

If slow_collect Then
  no_of_values = 100
  If Not streaming Then
     Call ps2000_set_ets(ps2000_handle, 0, 0, 0)
     Call Channel_select_Click
     ok = ps2000_set_trigger(ps2000_handle, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0)
     If ok = 0 Then
       MsgBox ("No valid data to funktion set_trigger")
     End If
     ok = ps2000_run_streaming(ps2000_handle, 10, no_of_values, 0)
     streaming = True
  End If
   ' turn triggering off.
   no_of_values = ps2000_get_values(ps2000_handle, Values_a(0), 0, 0, 0, overflow, no_of_values)
   mv_a = voltage_range(cboVoltageA.ListIndex)
   For i = 0 To no_of_values - 1 Step 1
     volts_a = (Values_a(i) / 32767) * mv_a
     lstChannelA.AddItem (volts_a & Chr(9) & "mV")
   Next i
End If

End Sub

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Re: ps2000_run_streaming_ns and 2205A

Post by Karunen » Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:02 am


This has been dealt with on helpdesk (

Customer used the Excel Example (VBa) to help create them create their own code.


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