Digital channels on 2205MSO

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Digital channels on 2205MSO

Post by spajas » Thu May 15, 2014 1:57 pm

I've just bought a 2205MSO and I'm happy so far. However, when it comes to using the digital channels, I'm currently a bit disappointed and I hope it is just a user error.

I want to do jitter measurements and normally I use persistence mode for that. However, it appears I that I cannot use persistence mode on the digital channels? Is this correct? I really hope this is possible. Anyway...

As a workaround, I wanted to use a digital input as a trigger and use an analog channel to capture the digital signal for which I want to do jitter measurements (all in persistence mode). Again, not possible. Why? For some reason, I cannot press the "OK"-button (pop-up: "Select digital channels/groups") when I want to add a digital view in persistence mode, only "Cancel". Btw, when I press cancel, the checkbox in Views->Sub view for digital will be marked while it is not enabled.

A bit disappointed, I continued. I had another idea. I would not use persistence mode but 'normal' digital mode and use "measurements" for some statistics on the digital inputs. But.... again, not possible. For me at least it is grayed out and cannot select any measurement. It appears that I can only add measurements for analog inputs.

Last idea I had was to add a mask over the digital signal. This way I could detect if the signal went outside my limits.... you guested it, not possible.

So, my rhetorical question is: What is the point of having digital inputs when I cannot do anything with it except:
* Use as trigger in "normal" mode
* Decode a parallel bus
* Decode serial data-stream

No measurements, no masking, no persistence, not usable as a trigger for persistence mode...

I really hope this all is a user mistake and I'm doing something wrong. If so, could someone please share with me how to properly set-up PicoScope so I can do my measurements?

If I did nothing wrong, than my request to the PicoScope developers is: Please add more advanced features for the digital channels like:
* Able to use (a) digital input(s) as trigger for persistence mode
* Able to use persistence on digital channels
* Able to do measurements on digital channels like: Puls-width, min-max time in relation to trigger time, etc
* Able to add a mask over a digital channel so it is possible to detect errors

Thanks for reading and please don't get me wrong. Even with the above limitations, I'm happy with the PicoScope :).

PS: Obviously I can solve my issue by using the analog channels which I will do...

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Re: Digital channels on 2205MSO

Post by Karunen » Mon May 19, 2014 11:07 am

Hi spajas,

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately at the moment the way persistence mode is set up,
it is not viable with the digital channels.

When developing the MSO devices we focused on pattern triggering (in scope mode) and serial decoding.

I will add your request to the new features list and will keep you informed of any progress.


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