RH-02 linux driver: logging data

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RH-02 linux driver: logging data

Post by Guest » Mon Feb 14, 2005 6:10 pm

I'm setting up a simple environment control application for our server room.
I'm using RH-02 with rh02lnx version 2 driver and it all works fine.
I've written a client program that reads shared memory to fetch the samples following your example, but I cannot find a way to check wether the rh02lnx is alive and acquiring.
If I kill it, the shm page remains active and I keep logging always the same last samples acquired.

Anyhow the nattch field in the shm goes to zero when rh02lnx dies and even if the region is not marked for deletion, I've been able to setup a logging script secure enough (hopefully) not to be fooled by rh02lnx death.

I've seen that you do not support actively the linux version, so I would like to know if you plan to improve your driver. In case this is my wish list:
1) more robust job control (if the job dies it should delete the shm page)
2) add the time the samples were acquired. I know that sampling is around 2 seconds and it is unlikely that one may need more accuracy on time (I'm logging every 60 sec), but the 'initialized' field in the RH02_SHARED struct is just perfect to hold the ctime of the measurment and would be a good flag for the validity of the data. Something like
process data
wait for a valid value

Best regards,


Post by Sarah » Tue Feb 15, 2005 11:20 am


Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, with regards your linux questions, I am afraid we do not at present have anyone with enough linux knowledge to be able to answer your queries. There may be someone on the forum who can help you.

As we do not actively support our linux drivers, we also have no current plans to update them in any way.

Best Regards

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