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C# UsbDrDaq Problem with UsbDrDaqGetValues

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Re: C# UsbDrDaq Problem with UsbDrDaqGetValues

Postby Karunen » Wed May 14, 2014 9:03 am

Hi evo_racer,

I have tryed several data logger and normaly it works like this: if we have 100khz @ 1 channel:
2 channels = 50khz + 50khz, 4 channels = 25khz + 25khz + 25khz + 25khz, ...

This is what should happen,
I have just test and found that I can get that.

I set the number of samples to 50 000 and the time block to 1000 000, this gives a 50kHz sampling frequency.

I was incorrect before please forgive me,
I believed it worked like another product.

But what happens is you set one sample interval and it sets it across all the channels.

So 1000 0000 us/50 000 samples gives a 20 us sample interval (50kHz).

Using a 5 kHz sine wave and you will find that you will get 10 values between each repetition.

Apologies again for any confusion I may have caused.


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