More ADC-100 XP conflicts

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More ADC-100 XP conflicts

Post by Jeff » Wed Feb 02, 2005 3:14 pm


I purchased the ADC-100 about a year ago and haven't had to use it until now. I downloaded the latest software and attempted to install it on my Win XP SP2.

The results I'm getting are quite erratic and definitely incorrect. I have read all of the posts in this forum and have tried all of the suggested solutions, but nothing helped.

I made sure Lp1 is the correct port. I tried it with and without the adapter, included the win.ini lines whens trying with. I went through many install/uninstalls.

My port setting options in BIOS are: ECP, EPP, Bidirectional, and Compatable.
I tried all of them including compatable but same results. The erratic behavior is the same regardless of what I try.

When uninstalling are there any hidden files that I need to delete? Currently I just uninstall and delete the lines from the win.ini file.

Any other help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff


Post by Sarah » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:53 am


Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear that you have been seeing problems.

The first thing I would recommend is trying to unit on another computer to see if it will work there. If it will not work anywhere then there could be something wrong with the unit, in which case you can contact us to get it repaired.

If the unit appears to be working ok but is just having communication problems then I would suggest using our USB to Parallel port adaptor. This will enable you to connect via the USB port and will eliminate connectivity problems such as you appear to be seeing. Please note that only our adaptors will work with our products.

Hope this helps

Best Regards

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