loading USB DrDAQ libraries with matlab

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loading USB DrDAQ libraries with matlab

Post by gossiaux » Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:03 pm

Dear DrDAQ,

I have tried to run DrDAQ under matlab 2013a on Windows 7, 64-bits. I went sucessfully through the followind steps:
-> Installing SDK 7.1
-> Adding the path to DrDAQ SDK (UsbDrDAQsdk_r10_5_0_28)
-> Making the link with the C++ compiler using mex -setup

Then I tried to load the libraries to "interact" with DrDAQ, and I obtained the following error message:
>> loadlibrary('USBDrDAQ.dll','usbDrDaqApi.h')
Error using loadlibrary (line 419)
Failed to preprocess the input file.
Output from preprocessor is:usbDrDaqApi.h
D:\Documents Gossiaux\DrDAQ\UsbDrDAQsdk_r10_5_0_28\usbDrDaqApi.h(9) : fatal error C1189: #error :
Operating system not defined

Having a look at usbDrDaqApi.h file, I could identity that it expects to work under WIN32:
#ifndef WIN32
#error Operating system not defined

This is obviously not the case => what should I do (I am not a C++ specialist) ? Are the .lib and the .dll files located in the x64 folder of any help ? Do I need to download an alternate version of the usbDrDaqApi.h file ?

Any input would be highly appreciated ! Thx a lot in advance.

PB Gossiaux

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Re: loading USB DrDAQ libraries with matlab

Post by Karunen » Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:33 pm


If you are using 64 bit matlab you can download the folder below,
USB DrDAQ x64 files
(164.79 KiB) Downloaded 302 times
I have altered the usbDrDaqApi.h so you now should be able to use

Code: Select all

The folder has all the dlls and headers you need to run the device on x64 MatLab.

Please note when opening device it is best to use

Code: Select all

[status, handle] = calllib('USBDrDAQ','UsbDrDaqOpenUnit', 0);
And remember to unload libraries otherwise it can cause the driver to be held in Matlab, which will stop you from opening the device until you close all MatLab processors.


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