Example: setup_data_collection.vi

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Example: setup_data_collection.vi

Post by jgardner » Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:19 am


I just received the PS3025 and have been able to use it as an oscilloscope successfully. However, I do need to write my own software, preferably using LabVIEW. When I attempt to run the example, setup_data_collection.vi, that is included when the PicoScope software is installed, an error message is displayed as shown in the attached .bmp file. When I click the OK button on the error message window, LabVIEW directs me to the Call Library Function Node that is labeled Trigger. I have downloaded and installed the latest Drivers, Examples and Manuals installation program, webps3000_r1_00.exe, but there was no change. The settings I last entered into the vi's front panel were:

Handle: 1
Timebase: 0
No of samples: 512
Source: 0
Threshold: 0
Direction: 0
Delay: 0
Auto trigger ms: 1

The rest of the front panel controls are indicators and all showed zeros.

Rather than C or VB, LabVIEW has the most potential for satisfying my objectives. Also, unlike C and VB, LabVIEW has the potential for incorporating Matlab scripts that will prove to be most useful to me in the future.

My sub-objective is to be able to "One-Shot" sample a signal in the frequency band between 1 and 10 MHz at the maximum sampling rate of 100 MHz. I would like to achieve this by acquiring 512 k samples into the PS3025 buffer, transfer the buffer contents to the PC in a manner accessible to LabVIEW, perform some analysis on the transferred data, display the results as an 2D intensity image, and stop. My overall objective is to perform the same steps just mentioned, but run them continuously in an infinite loop in order that the intensity image will be updated as quickly as possible.

The example vi, setup_data_collection.vi, is the closest example to my goals that I have found after searching all of the included manuals and C, VB, and LabVIEW examples. I have also searched your web site and forums, the LabVIEW web site and forums, and the World Wide Web for additional help to facilitate my objectives, but to no avail.

Could you, please, correct the setup_data_collection.vi for my use? Better yet, could you, please, provide me with a new example that would be of direct help to me achieving my stated objectives? Please, know that I have exhausted all of my available resources, and since it appears that your company has an abundance of LabVIEW knowledge, could you provide me with sufficient support to attain my basic goals?

Thank You,
Dr. Judd Gardner


Post by Sarah » Tue Feb 01, 2005 9:31 am


Thank you for your post.

We have received your email regarding this and will be replying to you via email today.

Best Regards

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