Power analysis w/ 2 PicoScopes?

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Power analysis w/ 2 PicoScopes?

Post by ataylor » Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:04 pm

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is possible to do...
EDIT: After thinking about it, this post should probably be in the "Software"-->"PicoScope 6" section of the forum... sorry!

Question 1: I'd like to use two Pico oscilloscopes, plugged into the same PC running PicoScope 6 software. Is the software able to handle two 4-channel scopes? (total of 8 channels)? I'd also need them to be triggered simultaneously. Is this possible?

Question 2: How versatile are the math functions in the PicoScope 6 software? I would first need to make 3 math channels to convert line-line voltages to line-neutral (phase) voltages, and then multiply these three math channels with 3 channels from the other scope... is something like this possible?

Application: I'm interested in doing 3-phase power measurements on a PWM inverter. I'm interested in purchasing PicoScope 3425 for the three line-line AC voltage measurements, and the DC input voltage measurement. I would also need to purchase PicoScope 3404A to read my current sensor's output signal from three AC and one DC current probes (probably four of Fluke 80i-110s).

I'm basically trying to compete with the capability of Yokogawa power analyzers (see WT500). I understand the accuracy may not be as great, but this would be a big help if we could do it (since I can also get a lot more use out of having two PicoScopes laying around rather than a power analyzer and we would save cost... it would be hard to decode something like SPI traffic on a power analyzer screen = P)

Any input would be great, many thanks!

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Re: Power analysis w/ 2 PicoScopes?

Post by Martyn » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:28 pm

You need one instance of the software for each Picoscope, and applying maths channels to exisiting maths channels is not possible although there are some advanced maths options built in.

Can I suggest that you contact support@picotech.com to discuss your requirements in more detail. They may be able to provide further guidance for your particular requirements.
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