Questions about rapid mode

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Gerry Martel
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Questions about rapid mode

Post by Gerry Martel »

Does rapid block mode just differ from block mode by separating the block into segments ?
Does data only become ready when all segments are captured ?
Which means sampling must still wait 10's of ms between block setups.

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Re: Questions about rapid mode

Post by Martyn »

That's correct, you collect multiple captures to the scopes internal memory, and then download the complete set, or a subset of, the segments from the scope. Data can only be downloaded when the segment capture is complete, or the collection has been stopped.
Setup time. The driver normally performs a number of setup operations, which
can take up to 50 milliseconds, before collecting each block of data. If you need to
collect data with the minimum time interval between blocks, use rapid block mode
and avoid calling setup functions between calls to RunBlock, Stop
and GetValues.
Technical Support Manager

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