PicoScope 2000 Fast Streaming

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PicoScope 2000 Fast Streaming

Post by William » Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:27 pm

I can't find any documentation for the ps2000wrap.dll. I want to use fast streaming mode with a Picoscope 2204 in LabVIEW. I'm looking at the fast streaming example included with the SDK, but without any documentation I can't understand how it works.

PollFastStreaming, FastStreamingReady and GetFastStreamingDetails are the mystery functions in question.

Also, I don't have the PicoScopeXXXX.llb file you mentioned in the SDK; the only llb file is PS2000_Block.llb.


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Re: PicoScope 2000 Fast Streaming

Post by Hitesh » Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:19 am

Hi William,

The PicoScope 2000 Series driver is different to that for the newer PicoScope series hence the examples are a little different and there is no PicoScope2000.llb file.

Once you have called the ps2000_run_streaming function, you would then call the functions in the following order:

Code: Select all


Call PollFastStreaming
Call FastStreamingReady

End Loop

Call GetFastStreamingDetails
Note: You can try calling PollFastStreaming outside of the loop but you may find that a lockup occurs.

Brief descriptions of the functions are as follows:


Facilitates communication with the driver to return the next block of values to your application when capturing data in streaming mode. Use with programming languages that do not support callback functions.


This function is used to poll the driver to verify that data is ready to be received. PollFastStreaming function must have been called prior to calling this function.


Returns the number of samples returned from the driver and provides information when collecting data in streaming mode.

If you require data to be processed while it is being collected we are aware that the wrapper dll creates extra overhead for resources so there may be noticeable distortion in the data at the transition between

If you are looking to process data post collection, then I recommend calling the ps2000_get_streaming_values_no_aggregation or ps2000_get_streaming_values functions to retrieve the data from the driver once you have completed data collection.

I hope this helps.

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