Saved buffered waveforms and data

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Saved buffered waveforms and data

Post by cx1111 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:41 pm

Hello, my department just bought a new picoscope and I'm playing around with the signals.

My first basic task is to characterize some high pass filters to see how well they work. (Turns out, not very well.) I want to see the amplitude of the wave for a range of frequencies in response to a constant driving voltage from my function generator.

So I ran a continuous frequency sweep of a sin wave from my function generator from 10kHz-2MHz. Triggered through the scope.

1. I don't know the best way to 'collect data' because I know nothing about this software. I want raw values obviously but for the moment, all I've done is save 100 waveforms and then sift through them, manually extracting data from the waveforms. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to collect and analyze everything on matlab.

2. If I use the above method, how do I manipulate values, ie sampling data, duration of frequency sweep, timebase, etc to get a more dense range of voltages and frequencies saved? Ie, I have 100khz, 250, 300, 508, .....2M. I want 100, 105, 110, ...... 2M.

Thank you very much for any input and advice.

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Re: Saved buffered waveforms and data

Post by Hitesh » Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:05 pm

Hi cx1111,

Which PicoScope device are you using?

Depending on the series range, there are Instrument Drivers available to control the device from within MATLAB.

You can change the timebase through the drop-down menu at the top in the PicoScope 6 window. Next to that is the zoom factor, and after that is the sample adjustment box.
PicoScope 6 Toolbar.PNG
PicoScope 6 Toolbar section
You can find videos on how to use PicoScope 6 features on our website

or view new features on YouTube:

I hope this helps.

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