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Picoscope v6.6.57 work, v6.7.40 dont work

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Picoscope v6.6.57 work, v6.7.40 dont work

Postby Timo Engelmann » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:54 am


we use the Picoscope 3206B.
With the PicoScope6_r6_6_57.exe installation on a Lenovo T530 under Win7 (fresh installed) everything is running fine.
With the PicoScope6_r6_7_40.exe installation on the same PC the Picoscope Software is showing the "Check USB cable" Dialog. On the Program title we can read "PicoScope 3206B Not Responding".

We have try the software on two other PCs, the same behaviour.
We have try direct connection to PC or over the Dockingstation, the same behaviour.
We have try some other USB Cables, the same behaviour.
We have try to start PicoScope6 without USB connection. Aber start we pluged in the 3206B. In the "Connect Drive" Dialog the 3206B is shown, but after select and Ok the same behaviour.

If we uninstall the 6.7.40 and install the 6.6.57 the scope is running very good...
But we would like to use the Updates in the future...

Please help us :-)

Greetings Timo
Timo Engelmann
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Re: Picoscope v6.6.57 work, v6.7.40 dont work

Postby Hitesh » Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:36 pm

Hi Timo,

Thank you for your post.

There are certain files on your system that will be helpful as part of the debugging process. However, these may contain information about your system. Could you please e-mail support@picotech.com and we will assist you further.

Many thanks,

Technical Support Engineer
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