TC-08 Temp and resistance

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TC-08 Temp and resistance

Post by St3ve »


I have a requirement for temperature measurement as well as resistance measurement. The TC-08 looks ok for the temp measurement, but is there a way to do resistance measurement also with this unit? I have seen that the PT-104 could do both but it only has 4 channels.

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Thank you for your post.

The TC-08 will accept voltages of ±70mV, therefore if you can create some small circuit to utilise this voltage input in order to measure resistance, then you could potentially use the TC-08. It is very important however that you do not exceed the ±70mV limit as this could damage the unit.

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Re: TC-08 Temp and resistance

Post by ridwan80 »

Hallo, I am also interested in measuring temperature vs resistance in oxide system at high temperature (600 oC).
Currently, I have TC08, Dr Daq and ADC20 apparatus from picotech.
Could you explain more detail about the circuit required to adjust the voltage input?
For information, I am planning to do 2 probe measurement on oxide system.
Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: TC-08 Temp and resistance

Post by Martyn »

In simple terms you will need a potential divider to drop the voltage that you have down to a suitable level for the logging device you select.
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