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No data other than 0 in "Imports.RatioMode.None"

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No data other than 0 in "Imports.RatioMode.None"

Postby adibuo » Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:06 pm

Problem:Cannot get scope to output data other than 0 when using "Imports.RatioMode.None" in streaming mode.
Hello there, my first post....
i have pico model 3405B.
Environment:Windows 7 64 bit: Visual Studio 2010.
I have installed PicoScope6_r6_7_28.exe drivers.

I have downloaded the SDK and used the PS3000ACSConsole project.
I am using the provided console app for reference as in my own app i noticed that i was getting all 0 for streaming data.

In this project i modified line 1024 of PS3000ACSConsole.cs and line 1030 to make scope have "Imports.RatioMode.None" when streaming. I do not want to agregate data in streaming mode.
When i set the Imports.RatioMode.Aggregate it return data. Is there an issue with .None ratio mode?

Is there an issue with 64 bit machines?

Can you help?
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Re: No data other than 0 in "Imports.RatioMode.None"

Postby Hitesh » Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:17 pm

Hi adibuo,

There shouldn't be an issue with a Ratio Mode of 'None'. I've run a test using a PicoScope 3406B with the ps3000a.dll from PicoScope 6.7.35 and it works fine. Presumably you are building your application as a 32-bit one?

Are you able to provide snippets of code or post your PS3000ACSConsole.cs file showing how you are setting up your data buffers and how the call to the Imports.RunStreaming function is made?

If you are using the SetDataBuffers function, ensure that you read the data from the max buffer as that is where the data will be written to.

One suggestion is to also ensure that in the streaming callback that you copy the data into your own application buffer like in the latest C Console application.


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