Pico 2204 set sampling rate&sample to read

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Pico 2204 set sampling rate&sample to read

Post by MIDWOOTON » Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:01 pm


I use "PS2000sdk_r10_5_0_19.zip" and butterworth filter to filte the noise from pico 2204.
Now i want to act with another DAQ device at same time.so i make these two part of codes side by side,
when pico 2204 starting we should wait pico start,so if i use "delaytime.vi" function wait few seconds
Could make them synchronous?
2013-08-26_223821.png (2.72 KiB) Viewed 2253 times
another Question is the DAQ Decive it easy to control sampling rate&sample to read,how can do the same thing at pico 2204, so after experiment i can get the same sample number from PIco2204 and DAQ device.


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Re: Pico 2204 set sampling rate&sample to read

Post by Hitesh » Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:36 pm


If your other DAQ device support triggering, you could send a trigger signal to both the PicoScope and the other device to capture data.

With regards to your second question this will depend on whether you capturing data in block mode or streaming mode - please refer to the Programmer's Guide for further information on this.

In block mode, you can specify a timebase index corresponding to a sampling interval and in streaming mode you can request a sampling interval from the driver. In both cases you can specify the number of samples to collect and you must must verify that the driver is able to use the requested sampling interval.

I hope this helps.

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