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Rabid Block versus Block Mode

Rabid Block versus Block Mode

Postby dodder » Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:19 am


I am looking to do horizontal sweeps using a laser and read the data per sweep from the buffer and output the result. This laser continuously scans and doesn't hold after a sweep to wait for data transfer and trigger setup. If there is a say 50ms delay then a good portion of a sweep's data will not be recorded. I need a fast rate between taking samples and pulling data from a buffer. Fast being in the realm of milliseconds. Currently, using block mode I am getting a 78ms delay between data gatherings.

For block mode, documentation states that there is a delay of 10s of milliseconds. With rapid block mode there is a small delay between triggers ~1us. I know that with rapid block the data is available to read only after the mode has finished collecting all data just as block mode. Is this 10s of milliseconds gap between scans also equivalent when using rapid block mode between readings? So running rapid block mode, reading data from buffer, running rapid block mode, reading data and repeating this process over and over again won't actually improve the time between data collection?
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Re: Rabid Block versus Block Mode

Postby Martyn » Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:53 am

Broadly speaking your comments are correct but to be able to answer your points in more detail we would need to know

Which Picoscope model you have ?
Sample interval and number of samples required for each capture ?
Total number of captures ?
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