Problem with the 500mV range and ps2000_get_times_and_values

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Problem with the 500mV range and ps2000_get_times_and_values

Post by dragon »

Hi there,

I experience a problem when I use the 500mV range on all 2203, 2204 and 2205 scopes.

The values are strangely scaled by a factor x400. E.g. if the actual peak voltage is 300mV (this what the +/-1V range returns as well), then the value the 500mV range returns is 120. This is consistent with all three instruments and only for this range, all >1V ones return the actual magnitude.

I couldn't find any relevant information in the programmer's guide. Is there something specific to the mV scales?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Problem with the 500mV range and ps2000_get_times_and_va

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Antonis,

Which PicoScope 2000 LabVIEW example are you using?

Things to check include:
  • The conversion from ADC counts to milliVolts formula
  • The time units value into the ps2000_get_times_and_values is correct
  • Impedance matching of the input signal to the scope
  • The values are correct in PicoScope 6
I've tested here and am unable to replicate the issue. You can post your vi file here or e-mail it to


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