adc212 and datalogger

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adc212 and datalogger

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I am trying to use datalog to capture voltage with adc212 parallel connection.
But I can see only Vdc choice and not Vac and other measure (as manual says), is it normal?



ps= can someone tell me the chip model and brand about old parallel/usb converter? Thx

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Re: adc212 and datalogger

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Hi what settings have you got the software configured to ?

We have had to stop manufacturing our own brand USB to parallel converter because an essential integrated circuit is no longer available. NO other USB to parallel adapter from another manufacturer will work with our devices. So far, we have only been able to get our parallel products working using plug-in PCI or PCI-Express cards in desktop PCs and Cardbus or Expresscard adapters in laptops.

You will need to use Windows XP or later & you should be using the latest version of PicoScope5/PicoLog, available here on our website:-

Please be aware that NONE of our parallel port devices will work under a 64 bit operating system under any circumstances (XP, Vista or Win 7).

This latest version of PicoScope5/PicoLog should work with most PCI, PCI express & Cardbus (PCMCIA) parallel port cards that provide an LPT port in the devices list. A card which just provides USB printing support only will not work. One way of checking this is that the correct type of adapter card requires a driver provided by the manufacturer whereas the wrong type does not and installs using a generic Windows driver. Examples below from one manufacturer we have tested.

For desktops with PCI card slots:- ... 89015.html

For desktops with PCI Express card slots:- ... 89219.html

For laptops with an Express card slot:- ... 66220.html

For laptops with a PCMCIA card slot:- ... 61612.html

Feed-back from a customer wanting an adapter for his laptop:-

"My experience of the StarTech device EC1UP was that it did not provide an LPT1 port in the devices list. It worked well if you had a parallel printer connected. This is the reply I got back from the states, as follows;
Thank you for your inquiry! The card that you have purchased offers USB printing support only. We do however carry a different model card that will detect and install in the system as a standard LPT port. The model that you would need is our EC1PECPS which can be found here:- ... sCard.aspx

I purchased a StarTech EC1PECPS ExpressCard IEEE 1284 parallel adapter and it works perfectly."

I hope the above helps!


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