Pulsed Sensor-Test

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Pulsed Sensor-Test

Post by ibl-hh » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:59 pm

We are looking for a system to test current transmitter sensors only by a short pulse.

Is it possible to use a PicoScope with internal AWG for the following task?

1. Generating a positive pulse with a pulsewidth range of 500..2000us (presettable/preloadable in steps of 5us) triggered via USB command or by external trigger input. The sensor supply line will be switched on by this pulse via an external connected POWER-MOS-FET and then the floating current will be mirrored at a load impedance resistor for masuring the voltage signal...

2. Oscilloscope starts measuring on CH1 (200kS/s..1MS/s = 100..2000 Samples for the above pulsewidth range) when seeing the rising edge of the output pulse (connected to the external trigger input or to another measuring channel)

3. Transferring measuring stream to PC

4. PC-Software do a Mask- or TimestampValue-Test and sets result OK or NOK

Which PicoScope model is in minimum suitable for that?

Kind regards - Jan

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Re: Pulsed Sensor-Test

Post by Hitesh » Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:23 am

Hi Jan,

The PicoScope 3204B should be suitable for your application based on your requirements. You can find details of this device on our website:


PicoScope 6.7 Beta provides the ability to trigger the signal generator using either a scope or external trigger input or manually. You can then set the scope to trigger on a channel with the required sampling rate.

It won't be possible to use the same trigger channel to trigger the signal generator and scope channel so you would have to use a combination of external input and input channel for your application.

The arbitrary waveform generator will allow you to sweep between two frequencies in specified frequency steps with a time interval between each step so this will allow you to go from a pulse width of 500us to 2000us.

You can set the PicoScope software to capture data in streaming mode and apply mask testing.

It is also possible to do the above using the Software Development Kit with the exception of mask testing.

I hope this helps.

Software Dev. Engineer

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