TA131 probe & 3206-MSO

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TA131 probe & 3206-MSO

Post by blachanc » Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:17 am


I feel the documentation regarding the probe could be improved.

With a scope equipped with an AWG, I guess we could use the AWG to calibrate the probes,
but there is no direct procedure in the menu to achieve this, nor any mentions in the help files.
Even my 20mhz leader scope has a cal connector that outputs a square wave for the same purpose.

regarding the probe accessories:

This might sound silly, but I would have expected a description of the accessories that comes with the probes.

I can figure the 3 tip cap usage, but I do not understand the presence of a spring in the accessories.

Also, I guess the open cylinder is to be clipped on the wire to identify probe A or B, but I am not sure.


never mind I searched for the TEX 150 PDF spec, and it describes
all the accessories, including the ground spring used with IC.

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