Problem removing PICO software

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Problem removing PICO software

Post by glenn.pearce » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:43 am

I'm trying to use some ADC42's I bought several years ago but I had a problem with setting the PicoLog to run in multiple converter mode using two of your USB/parallel port adapters. Initially I was able to setup the software with two ADC42's and two USB adapters and get two sensible traces, however after a short while the software froze and I was unable to restart it.

I uninstalled then reinstalled the software but from then on whenever I set it to use multiple devices (two ADC42's) I get two sets of data but the data sets are from the same probe. I tried updating the software to version PicoLog r5.22.8 but the result were the same.

The two converters with USB/parallel port adapters are set to use USB-PP1 and USB-PP2 respectively.
The PC operating system is Windows XP Pro SP3 fully updated.
Pico Software and Reference CD - R38 release 5.20.1

I have now uninstalled the Pico software again and run NirSoft RegScanner to look for leftover items within the registry. The search, which was for any entry containing ‘pico’ highlighted, several entries specifically relating to the Pico software.

Please can you advise the best way to correct this problem so that I can successfully reinstall PicoLog & PicoScope and use then.

I have saved the NirSoft RegScanner report, which hopefully is attached. The report ihas been converted to and saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The entries in the document are colour coded as follows:

Text in black - the entries may relate to PicoLog etc.
Text in blue - the entriesy appear to relate to PicoLog etc.
Text in red - the entries do not appear to relate to PicoLog etc and are hidden within the document. These entries can be unhidden using the 'Unhide' function within your spreadsheet software.

Kind regards,

Glenn Pearce.
For and on behalf of G&C Contracting.
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RegScanner Post PICO uninstall.xls
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Re: Problem removing PICO software

Post by PeterF » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:40 am

Hi Glenn,
For XP you need to use PicoLog R5.22.8 & PicoScope R5.21.2.
Since you have loaded and unloaded a few times and done a few other things you may have some illegal, corrupted, setting in your plw.ini file. When you first run PicoLog, it creates a file called plw.ini and tries to save it in its working directory (C\Program Files\Pico Technology\Pico Full) and uses it to hold information about the preferences you set when running the program. Please see if you can find plw.ini in the above folder and delete it.
If you still have problems with PicoLog, it could be that there is a second copy of plw.ini in a hidden directory. This will need to be deleted as well.
First you will need to change a setting in Windows Explorer to be able to see hidden files. Start Explorer and select "Tools", "Folder Options", "View". In the Advanced settings box, look for "Hidden files & folders" and then select "Show hidden files & folders", also un-tick "Hide Extensions for known file types", now select "Apply" and "OK".
If you navigate to the following folder on your PC:-
C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Pico Technology
You will find one or more folders there with long numeric names. Look through each of them for "plw.ini" & delete it.
Having done all the above, it would be best to go back to Explorer and select "Do not show hidden files & folders".

Plug both ADC-42s in using the USB to parallel converters. Start up PicoLog. Select "File", then "New Settings". In the "Recording" dialogue box, tick the box for "Use multiple converters". Continue to the "Converters" dialogue and select "Add". This will take you to the "Converter Details" box where you select ADC-42 & then USB-PP1. Click OK. You will be returned to the "Converters" dialogue where you click "Add" again. This will take you to the "Converter Details" box where you select ADC-42 & USB-PP2. When the second ADC-42 is found, click "OK", this will return you to the "Converters" dialogue where both ADC-42s should be shown. Click on "Parameters" and then "Add" to set up each ADC-42, one at a time.
Both ADC-42s will now behave as if they are one 2 channel logger.
I hope that explains,

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