save to file?

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save to file?

Post by PG74 »

Im writing my own software for the 3206 picoscope in
I want to save signals to file in my own software for viewing
at another time. I also want to be able to look at signals in my own software that are "recorded" in the picotech software.
And also the other way. Is that possible??
If it is possible, I must know how the data and referenses (range, no_of_samples, timebase) are stored in the .psd-file.
can you help me with that??

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Post by markspencer »


Thank you for your question.

The .psd file storage details are available from the Picoscope Help Manual.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer


to markspencer

Post by Pavlik »

could you please point me where to find Picoscope Help Manual?

I am looking for psd-file format description

Thank you

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