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3406B memory seems to be 64 M, not 128 Meg.

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3406B memory seems to be 64 M, not 128 Meg.

Postby CoyoteDavid » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:59 am

I have a new 3406B, and I can't seem to get all the sample memory to work. I am using PicoScope If I use a single channel at 100 ms/div, and ask for 200 MS, I get 62,500,005 samples at 62.5 MS/s. If I enable a second channel, still at 100 ms/div, I get 31,250,005 samples at 31.25 MS/s. If I enable 3 or 4 channels, I get 9,615,390 samples at 9.615 MS/sec. All channels were set to 8-bit resolution.

I tried several other combinations, for example:

1 channel, 5 ms/div ==> 50,000,005 samples at 1 GS/s
1 channel, 10 ms/div ==> 50,000,005 samples at 500 MS/s

This device is specified to have up to 128 Meg Samples, shared between channels. It appears to have only 62.5 Meg Samples. Can it use all 128 Meg Samples? Am I not requesting the samples correctly?
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Re: 3406B memory seems to be 64 M, not 128 Meg.

Postby Martyn » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:08 am

If you set up for a single shot trigger you will get the full memory. Using all other modes you will get half the memory per waveform, shared amongst channels, to enable multiple waveform capturing.
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