How to decode CAN protocol (error message)

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How to decode CAN protocol (error message)

Post by drnicolas »

I am a Newbie with a 2205 MSO.
Now I try to debug a CAN-communication at the moment with no success.

I have a probe connected to Chan A and a second probe to Chan B.

At the first try the software presented me only Probe A to link to CAN High (no second line for Chan B).

I dont know what I have done then, but at the next try I was presented a second line for "B", which a linked to CAN Low.

Both probes are now connected to CAN High and CAN Low.

Nevertheless , pressing the small flash button next to the threshold box brings up an error message (in german) which says something like "please choose the according number of probes; Auto discovery failed".
Also the threshold value changes without any sense (for me).

As a result, I cannot decode the CAN frames.
The manual does not give more sophisticated information.

Can anybody help me ? Is there a good tutorial for configuring all the serial decode features?

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Re: How to decode CAN protocol (error message)

Post by bennog »

drnicolas, look at my explantation in your other post.


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