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Temperature registration

Postby manuel@acertasoftware.com » Wed Nov 03, 2004 1:03 pm

hello, I looking for a solution for PT-100 temperature registration. Number of PT100 probes will be 10 at distantce of 100-150 meters from PC logger.

Postby markspencer » Fri Nov 05, 2004 9:49 am


Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, having a cable of 150 metres of PT100 cable might increase the noise sufficiently to give inaccurate temperature readings. A possible solution to this would be to use the Enviromon system with the EL041 and thermocouples. The EL041 can be placed closer to the source and the distance between the EL041 and logger can be upto 400 metres. The accuracy of the EL041 is 0.3% of current reading plus 0.5 deg C. It can measure temperatures between -270 deg C and +1800 deg C.

For mode information on this system please look at:


Best regards,

Mark Spencer
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