changing sample interval with Windows 7

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changing sample interval with Windows 7

Post by richardgriffin » Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:46 am

I have been using a picolog1216 to measure the output of a vacuum sensor, converting it to pressure readings and logging to the spreadsheet window provided with the standard download of Picolog.
Sampling interval is 10ms, collecting 2600 samples in a 26 second period.
One input channel used to measure sensor voltage, One measures a trigger voltage to start the whole test sequence, and a third output is a calculated parameter that converts sensor voltage to pressure readings.
It's been running fine for years on an XP computer with no special software and whenever anyone has lost the program or crashed it we've always been able to set it up again using the available menus.

I've been forced to switch to a Windows 7 computer and two problems have appeared.
If I set the sample interval to 10ms and ask for 2600 samples they are gathered over a 41 second period, I need to know what is actually setting the sample interval, the picolog hardware, the picolog software or the interaction between Windows 7 and the USB port.
Also where has the trigger option gone? I've been through the help files but they just tell me to access tick boxes in the menus that never appear. Software was downloaded from Pico website on 15 October 2012.

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Re: changing sample interval with Windows 7

Post by Hitesh » Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:15 pm

Hi Richard,

Please open a known good data file from the Windows XP in PicoLog Recorder on your Windows 7 PC. You can use the settings from this file as a test (it's worth saving the settings file separately - click File -> Save as..., and set the 'Save as type' to Settings files (*.pls)).

The interval between samples is set by the driver based on information regarding the total time in which to collect the number of samples, the number of sampels and the number of channels enabled.

The trigger mode can only be selected when the option for 'Recording method' is set to 'Fast block (single converter only)'

I've been able to replicate the issue but with the mode set to Fast Block I was able to capture 2600 samples in 26 seconds for both channels.

If this does not help, please e-mail the known good data file from the Windows XP PC to

Best wishes,

Software Dev. Engineer

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