Engine data logger

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Bill K.
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Engine data logger

Post by Bill K. » Sat Oct 30, 2004 4:04 pm

I'm interested in your products for a car engine data logger. I want to use a laptop (1x parallel, 1x serial, 1x USB), but could go with a miniPC (1x serial, 1x parallel, 1x PCI).

I want to log the following data:
RPM -- tachometer; will use a frequency to voltage converter
MPH -- speedometer; will use a frequency to voltage converter
CHT1 -- cylinder head temperature #1; it's a K thermocouple going to a digital gauge, so I could use the thermocouple signal (as long as it can be tapped into without affecting the gauge reading?) or the amplified 0-5 VDC signal going to the gauge.
CHT2 -- cylinder head temperature #2; same as #1, but the other head.
OT -- oil temperature (100-400F); it's a thermistor now, but could be converted to thermocouple if it makes more sense (lower cost).
AT -- ambient temperature (0-120F); could be thermistor or thermocouple, I haven't bought a sensor yet.
FT -- fan inlet temperature (0-120F); same situation as AT.

So, my options seem to be:
1. Two voltage signals (RPM & MPH) and five thermocouple signals (CHT1, CHT2, OT, AT, FT) or,
2. Four voltage signals (RPM, MPH, CHT1, CHT2) and three thermistor signals (OT, AT, FT)

I want to sample each channel at least 1 Hz.

Please help me flush out all the options and the advantages of each. Thanks for the help

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Post by ricardo » Tue Nov 02, 2004 10:42 am


Thank you for your enquiry. My recommendation would be to go for an ADC-11, you will be able to read up to 11 voltage signals with this.

You could use a TC-08 to read the thermocouple signals but then you will not be able to use your gauges simultaneously as these will affect the readings.

With thermistors things get complicated, you will have to apply a current to the thermistor and measure the voltage to calculate the resistance.

For simplicity I would just use the ADC-11 and measure all your temperatures with thermocouples from the amplified 0-5V signals.

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Ricardo Paloschi
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