Long time I2C debugging

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Long time I2C debugging

Post by gustl » Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:02 am


I'm looking for a way to debug a 100kHz I2C bus. The error I'm hunting happens only randomly after several hours. At the moment I use a DSO which is triggered by SCK. I let it run overnight and when the I2C crashes the DSO shows the last packet. But I need to see more packets.

So I thought of using pico 2204 in streaming mode. 0.5 MS/s for each signal should be ok for 100kHz I2C. If I let it run overnight (15h) it would collect 15 * 3.6 GS = 54 GByte. Unfortunately I found this:
http://www.picotech.com/support/kb/kbfi ... eaming.pdf
Which says I can only collect 20MS :-(
I don't want to dig into SDK - I have enough debugging to do without it. So I thought of using pico 2204 and PicoLog to collect the data and PicoScope to view it. Is this possible?

Another problem would be to find the last I2C packet in 54 GByte data. Can PicoScope handle this? I assume I can scroll horizontally?



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Re: Long time I2C debugging

Post by Martyn » Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:08 am

You wont be able to log in Picolog and view in Picoscope, they are different data formats and intended for different uses.

However I am sure that if you construct an appropriate trigger in PicoScope6 you would be able to capture the failing packet and also see a number of packets before hand. The trick would be to use a large pre trigger of 80 to 90% and set an alarm to stop capture once complete. The data could also be saved to disk so that any power outages do not cause loss of information.

Once captured you would be able to zoom in to see the actual detail.
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