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Trigger direction values

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Trigger direction values

Postby MikeNorris » Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:10 pm

Could you provide me the numerical values associated with the Trigger Direction constants.
Trigger direction constants
Constant Type Direction
ABOVE gated above the upper threshold
ABOVE_LOWER gated above the lower threshold
BELOW gated below the upper threshold
BELOW_LOWER gated below the lower threshold
RISING threshold rising edge, using upper threshold
RISING_LOWER threshold rising edge, using lower threshold
FALLING threshold falling edge, using upper threshold
FALLING_LOWER threshold falling edge, using lower threshold
RISING_OR_FALLING threshold either edge
INSIDE window-qualified inside window
OUTSIDE window-qualified outside window
ENTER window entering the window
EXIT window leaving the window
ENTER_OR_EXIT window either entering or leaving the window
POSITIVE_RUNT window-qualified entering and leaving from below
NEGATIVE_RUNT window-qualified entering and leaving from above
NONE none none
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Re: Trigger direction values

Postby Martyn » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:51 am

This is for the 3000a, you will find others in the appropriate deviceAPI.h file
Code: Select all
typedef enum enPS3000AThresholdDirection
   PS3000A_ABOVE, //using upper threshold
   PS3000A_RISING, // using upper threshold
   PS3000A_FALLING, // using upper threshold
   PS3000A_RISING_OR_FALLING, // using both threshold
   PS3000A_ABOVE_LOWER, // using lower threshold
   PS3000A_BELOW_LOWER, // using lower threshold
   PS3000A_RISING_LOWER,          // using upper threshold
   PS3000A_FALLING_LOWER,       // using upper threshold

   // Windowing using both thresholds
   PS3000A_INSIDE = PS3000A_ABOVE,
   PS3000A_ENTER = PS3000A_RISING,
   PS3000A_EXIT = PS3000A_FALLING,

   // no trigger set
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