oscilloscope for tapping 12V alternator

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oscilloscope for tapping 12V alternator

Post by 0101byte » Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:19 am

I'm looking for an oscilloscope to check on car's battery (12V) or alternator (14V) DC voltage. The main purpose is to see how stable is the voltage. I have many voltage stabilizer so i would like to see which 1 works best and if things gets better if many stabilizer are installed in parallel, etc...

I'm looking at picoscope 2204 & 2205, but since i have not involved in oscilloscope before, can anyone tell me what spec do i need to achieve the purpose?

i have only 1 purpose, and would like to spend minimum price for an oscilloscope to achieve my purpose.

Sampling rate
Vertical resolution

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