Getting more than 2M samples...

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Getting more than 2M samples...

Post by MercWithAMouth » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:21 pm

Hi everybody!
So. I am using a 4424 Picoscope and I was wondering how to increase the number of samples from 2M. I understand the bar at the top with the drop-down menu to make it 5M samples (my ideal number of samples to compare to my original test equipment, the Tektronix Oscilloscope)

The problem is, when I select 5M samples and tab over to the next parameter, the number of samples goes back to 2M.

I am currently using a 500s testing period, and went into preferences under the "General" tab and selected "total collection time" other than times per division.

My only question is that is 5M samples (or more) possible to do with these four channels running and then putting the Maths channel on too?

I have used the CD to install the current CD software, and I was able to get 5M samples no problem. But then I tried to add the Maths channel to examine A-B, and then this was an issue because it wasn't displaying or recognizing I had selected it. I updated the software with the latest available on the forums, which I searched for this issue. When I updated this to the new software, then the Maths channel worked again, however it went down to this 2M over 5M error. so I am wondering if this is because of the update or if this is just how it works. I believe 2M samples is enough for accuracy, however I would like to compare the new results to my previous ones which were 5M samples precise.

Thanks everyone!


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Re: Getting more than 2M samples...

Post by Martyn » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:39 pm

The software is designed to switch to 2MS if you enable the maths channels. You can capture 5M samples and when capture is complete apply a maths channel to the data if that helps.
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