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Need scope to do Ethernet and USB eye diagram testing

Which product is right for your exact requirements

Need scope to do Ethernet and USB eye diagram testing

Postby ffortino » Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:55 pm

My company needs to do high speed Internet and USB eye diagram testing.
Can your Picoscopes do this type of testing?
And which one do you recommend?

Do you have any other info on eye diagram testing with Piocscopes?


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Re: Need scope to do Ethernet and USB eye diagram testing

Postby Pico Stuart » Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:41 pm

Dear Frank,

Thank you for your post with regard to Ethernet and USB eye digaram testing. Our PicoScope 9000 series range of sampling scopes will be suitable in your application.

Designed specifically for the complex task of analysing high–speed electrical signals, PicoScope 9000 Sampling Oscilloscopes are ideal for many advanced applications including: signal analysis, timing analysis, testing and design of high–speed digital communication systems, network analysis, semiconductor testing, and research and development.


Please proceed to the following links to the fantastic PicoScope TV and specifically eye diagram testing using the 9000 series. There are several viedoes that you may find useful



If you have any specific questions you can also contact support@picotech.com


Kindest regards,

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