.psd files on Pico 6

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.psd files on Pico 6

Post by noelv » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:04 am

I have a collection of .psd files made with the ancient(?), but fantastic!!!, parallel products ADC-212/100 and ADC-216.
These products are no longer supported under Pico 6, but, the waveforms are still very important to me.
I have recently converted to a PicoScope 4227 + PicoScope 6, and I need to find a way to bring in the older .psd files into this new set-up.

Converting the .psd files with the Windows Explorer Context menu (per paragraph 6.8 in the PicoScope 6 Beta User's Guide (psw.en26)) does not work reliably: the "convert" entry does show up only occasionally.

However, when I open these old .psd files in Pico 6, they appear to open fine: correct waveforms, correct vertical scales.
I can also subject them to (simple) mathematical manipulations such as A*A, A+B, etc with the Tools->Math Channels: the "mathed" waveforms show up correctly and with the correct vertical scales.
But, when I attempt to - for example - do an integration on the waveforms, or, an integration on the product of channel A * channel B for example, only an additional vertical scale shows up (incorrect in its values) but NO waveform associated with this new math expression shows up.

Am I doing something "illegal" here? What would be the solution?

PS: I can e-mail you one of the old .psd files if that would be of any use.

Thanks for your attention.


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Re: .psd files on Pico 6

Post by Hitesh » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:52 am

Hi Noel,

Please could you send in an example file to support@picotech.com


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