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instruction execution time of pico 2203

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instruction execution time of pico 2203

Postby pdfjjx » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:10 pm

I use a pico 2203 collecting data and producing sign later,so I want to know some relative instructions time.for example , I use run block mode to collect data. First some necessary settings have been done,then run block instruction is sent out, last I check for ready function repeatedly until collecting is end. In this course ,I want to know when the first datum is collected .

Similar if I send a sign built instruction, how long before it takes place ? how this sign generator produces a sine waveform with arbitrary initial phase and constant frequency .

If I use fast streaming mode, how long to collect fist datum after streaming instruction is sent out ?
In fast stream mode, how get last value function is used?

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Re: instruction execution time of pico 2203

Postby Martyn » Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:49 pm

The only real timing information you can obtain is that between samples, the sample interval, which you can get when you set up the device and, if using triggers, the trigger offsets as the trigger event may not actually be on an exact sample. There is no way of knowing exactly when the run starts, or waveform generator starts, as data transfer is through the driver and via the USB bus, and so under the control of the O/S
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