most rapid refresh rate for ADC 212/3

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most rapid refresh rate for ADC 212/3

Post by guest » Wed Oct 20, 2004 7:23 pm


I'm watching pulses occuring at 500 msec intervals but the refresh rate on the ADC seems too slow so I only get every other one or so. What settings can I adjust to maximize the referesh rate and view every pulse?

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most rapid refresh rate for ADC 212/3

Post by Autonerdz » Thu Oct 21, 2004 3:14 pm

First, go to File/Setup/Display and enter the max 30 screens per second. After that, the screen update rate will be dependent on how much information you are collecting on each screen. The more samples you collect, the more transfer time. During transfer the unit is not collecting data so you can miss stuff between screens.

Depending on the width of your pulse, you may be able to reliably capture several of them on one screen by simply using a longer time base. Be sure to dial up the samples to the max 32,000 and use Block Mode under Settings/Options/Advanced. This will maximize the performance at the longer time bases and result in the shortest time between samples on the screen.

For faster screen updates, use faster time bases and reduce the samples collected. This sacrifices detail, but it all depends on what you are after.
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