Any limits on data transfers to MATLAB?

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Any limits on data transfers to MATLAB?

Post by DavidMcKnight » Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:24 pm


I am hoping to get a very long memory Picoscope (3206B, 128MS, or 6402B, 256MS), and transfer the data into MATLAB. I've got a couple of concerns and was wondering if anyone has tried something similar?

1) Is there a limit on the length of sample that is transfered into MATLAB?
2) Does the MATLAB interface maintain similar performance to the picoscope software for data transfer? The manual for the PS3000 gave a ballpark of 3.5s for a 128MS transfer, is this realistic?


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Re: Any limits on data transfers to MATLAB?

Post by Hitesh » Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:33 pm

Hi Dave,

I've had an attempt with a PicoScope 3206B and found that the limit on the length of samples is going to be dependant on the amount of available memory on the PC. Also, you probably won't get the maximum 128MS owing to some kind of overhead.

In terms of the MATLAB interface, it will load the dll and you can then calll the various functions - performance will be PC dependent (i.e. CPU/RAM) and the USB connection will determine the transfer speed as well.

If you haven't already please also refer to the post for information on calling the dll functions from MATLAB.

I hope this helps.


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