EL 001 Converter Failure

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EL 001 Converter Failure

Post by chrisduncan »

Hi Picotech,

We have a faulty EL001 Three Channel Converter - we are pretty sure that the converter itself is at fault as another EL001 is working fine when substituted into the system.

I was just wondering if you take these back for repair. We are using our spare converter at the moment, and would like to fix / replace the faulty one so that we always have a spare on hand,

Thanks for your help,

HE Clissmann

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Post by markspencer »


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this problem. We do have a repair service. If you can supply us with you contact details and some details of the problem being produced by the EL001 I will issue you a returns number.
Please send the details to:


Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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