3206 questions

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3206 questions

Post by ylo58 »

I am interested in Picoscope 3206, and would like to ask about some details which are not covered in the specifications.

1. The specs imply that there is only one ADC. Can the two channels be sampled simultaneously, or will there always be some time shift?
2. How much data can be written to disk in "Save on trigger" mode? The highest sample rate exceeds the throughput of USB2, so there should be a limit.
3. Will a PCI graphics card cause limitations to the screen refresh rate? It is known that it cannot play full-size full-speed (768x576, 25fps) videos.
4. What is the smallest frequency step of the signal generator?
5. There is an overload protection of +/-50V between grounds. Which of the grounds are separated?
6. Is it compatible with the automotive software? There is a statement on autonerdz.com that it would not be compatible.
7. When trying the demo software, I was unable to adjust the Y range of the spectrum display. I hope it is possible to get the whole unclipped curve on display?
8. Do you offer Linux drivers for this new model?

Thank you very much in advance!

Ulo Mets.


Post by Sarah »

Hi Ulo

Thank you for your post.

1. There are 2 ADC's in the PS3206, therefore there is no time shift.
2. Since the data is buffered on the unit USB bandwidth is not an issue. The max amount that can be stored on trigger is the size of the buffer (1Meg).
3. Frame rate is dependant on many factors. The type of card is unlikely to have a major impact. 25fps is hard to achieve on any setup.
4. 0.1Hz
5. All inputs grounds are fused to protect the unit and PC. The protecdtion works for voltages up to 50V. All the grounds are common to the PCs ground.
6. No, it is not best suited to automotive applications.
7. Not too sure what you mean here
8. No.

Hope this helps

Best Regards


Post by Guest »

Hello Sarah,

thank you for the detailed answer.
I would like to specify on some of the questions.

5. I am afraid I am missing the point here. If all the grounds are common, then where does the 50V come in? I understand the fusing as an overcurrent protection between the ground terminals.
The specification page recommends using the AC adapter when ground loops occur. Does this disconnect the PC ground somehow?

6. For automotive applications, are there other obstacles than the limited vertical resolution?

7. When I open the Spectrum window in the Demo program, then the Y axis goes from -75 dB to 0 dB. However, the noise floor of the spectrum seems to be much lower than -75 dB, particularly on the B-channel. Can one adjust the minimum and maximum values of the displayed Y scale range in this mode?

Thanks again for your help.

Ulo Mets.

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