USB transfer rate - PS9201A

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USB transfer rate - PS9201A

Post by ekirshin » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:58 pm


We are wondering if it is possible to acquire data from PS9201A faster.
Our setup is as follows:
2 channels, 80Gs/s, external trigger at 25MHz. Number of collected samples: 4096. Number of averages: 32.
In order to get the 32-averaged signals for the two channels currently it takes ~6 seconds.

However, we can make the following computations:
Number of data to transfer:
4096 samples * 2 channels * 2 bytes * 32 averages = 524288 bytes.
Theoretically, transferring these 512 Kbytes of data should take much less time than 6 seconds, especially via USB High Speed interface.

The acquisition of these data should theoretically take the following time:
4096 * 2 channels * 32 averages * (1/25MHz) = 10.5 milliseconds

We are aware that PS9201A is not a real-time oscilloscope and the discussion in the document "Using PicoScope PC Oscilloscopes for Fast USB Data Acquisition" does not apply to this device. However, given the above theoretical numbers, is there a way to increase the rate of USB data acquisition with the PS9201A oscilloscope?

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Re: USB transfer rate - PS9201A

Post by ziko » Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:37 pm

Hi Evgeny,

The actual sample rate for the 9000 series is 200kS/s.

So you can substitute the 25MHz signal with 200kHz, this works out to be 1.32 seconds, however there are other factors involved, which I will have to investigate.

Can you send me more information about your exact setup. Could you save your setup and attach it or even email us at

Kind regards

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