Unable to uninstall old version of Picoscope6 after update

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Unable to uninstall old version of Picoscope6 after update

Post by JDB » Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:38 pm


I was just prompted (23rd April 2012) to update to the newest version of Picoscope 6.
I duly downloaded the new installer and installed the new version (thinking that it would overwrite the old version)
However, the installer for the new version did not give me an option of where to install the program, just whacked it in program files.
Thus I ended up with two versions of Picoscope in slightly different locations. My system now only recognises the new version, which I can install and uninstall to my heart's content. The old version however, I cannot un-install via add/remove programs. I cannot merely delete the files as Windows denies access. I am certainly regretting not un-installing before updating.

My system is Windows XP
Old version: Picoscope (I can still run the old program)
New version: Picoscope

This was the closest I found on the forum but I'm not sure if it is a similar problem or not:


Hopefully someone can help me, although it is not urgent, I don't really want an old version of a program just sitting around taking up space.



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Re: Unable to uninstall old version of Picoscope6 after upda

Post by Martyn » Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:30 am

You could try downloading the 6.6.16 installer and do a repair followed by an un-install
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