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PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

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PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

Postby alan » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:53 pm

PicoScope 6.7.1 is now available as a beta release via http://labs.picotech.com/ This beta release provides you with an early chance to try out new features.

PicoScope beta releases install alongside your existing version of PicoScope so it is possible to use both versions on the same PC. This enables you to swap back without re-installing if you find a bug.

The new features are as follows:

1. Faster USB streaming sampling
At longer timebases (more than 1 sec across the screen) data is drawn on the screen at the same time as it is collected. In this mode data is "streamed" continously across the USB link.

We have made significant improvements to this USB streaming which for most devices currently on sale has increased the streaming sampling rate from 1MS/s to 10MS/s.

As well as the improved sampling rate, streaming mode uses the PC memory for waveform storage so is not limited by the buffer memory of the oscilloscope hardware. A massive 100 million samples can be collected using PicoScope in streaming mode. This combination of faster sampling and deep memory will be especially popular for those customers wishing to use the serial decoding option in the software. For example owners of the PicoScope 220x series can now collect and decode several seconds of serial data (SPI, I2C, UART, CAN bus etc). Previously there was neither the sampling rate or memory depth available to do this.

The following models can now stream data in PicoScope at 10MS/s for a single channel and 5MS/s for two channels and 2.5MS/s for 3 or 4 channels: PS3204A/B, PS3205A/B, PS3206A/B, PS2205MS0, PS2206, PS2207, PS2208, PS5203, PS5204,PS6402, PS6403, PS6404, PS6407, PS4224, PS4423, PS4227, PS4224, PS4223, PS4262, PS4224IEPE.

The following models can now stream at 6.6MS/s for a single channel, 3.3M for two channels and 1.65MS/s for three or four: PS2202, PS2203, PS2204, PS2205, PS3223, PS3224, PS3423, PS3424, PS3425.

The PS2104, PS2105 and original PicoScope 3200 series (PS3204, PS3205, PS3206) are not covered by this upgrade.

2. FlexRay Decoding
We have now added FlexRay to the list of protocols that you can decode in PicoScope. This will be popular for users in the automotive industry as PicoScope can now decode the three main automotive serial protocols (CAN, LIN and FlexRAY).

3. Improved screen update rate when using ultra deep memory
On some oscilloscopes enabling deep memory is a compromise as it causes the scope to slow down its screen update rate and become unresponsive to the controls. PicoScope oscilloscopes do not suffer from this problem as they use hardware acceleration to collect / display many megabytes of data per screen update without slowing down.

For the PicoScope 6000 range (upto 1 billion samples) and the PicoScope 320xA/B ranges (upto 128 million samples) we have further improved the speed of the hardware acceleration, in some cases this has led to a 10 fold increase in the screen update rate.

The effects of this improvement will be most noticeable when collecting very large amounts of data at very high speeds. For example the PicoScope 6404 can now collect, process and display 500 million samples every 200ms (sampling rate of 5G/s). That's 2.5Gbytes worth of data collected and displayed every second.

4. Option to move the trigger controls
Some customers with small laptop screens like to use the Windows option to "Auto hide the taskbar". This can cause problems if the windows task bar pops up and hides the start / stop and trigger controls in PicoScope. A new setting in PicoScope (Tools / Options) allows you to move the start / stop and trigger control to the top of the screen.

5. Selecting custom probes
A minor change - some customers have pointed out that you have to enable a channel before selecting a custom probe. We have changed the behaviour so that it possible for example to select a current clamp probe without having to first switch on a channel.

How much does this upgrade cost?
If you have owned a PicoScope for some time now, you already know the answer. As always these new features are available by a free download.
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Re: PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

Postby KenArton » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:47 pm

Hi Alan,

I'd like to try this faster USB streaming, as on beta release 6.7.1

But I cannot find this on the website. The link in your post takes me to 6.7.2 Automotive, which I'm fairly sure is not the correct software. I have a 2205 MSO.

Can you help ?

Thanks, Ken.
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Re: PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

Postby Martyn » Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:00 am

The link gives downloads to both the Automotive and non Automotive versions

You need the underlined link Download PicoScope R6.7.2 from here http://labs.picotech.com/#psw6
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Re: PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

Postby KenArton » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:42 pm

Hi Martyn,

Many thanks, have got the download now. Ken.
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Re: PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

Postby adamhenslok » Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:03 pm

Hi, I was using your beta software for a quite while with no troubles at all. Now I've downloaded the new beta 6.7.13 and after I tried to install I have strange error, see attachment. Now the software is removed and I cannot install it again (neither 6.7.2) I'm sure the problem is somewhere in the system as I've managed to install it on my desktop PC. What are prerequisites to install/run this software as I might removed third party software with some shared libraries. Cheers. Adam.
PicoScope 6-7-13 install problem.png
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Re: PicoScope 6.7 Beta released!

Postby Hitesh » Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:15 pm

Hi Adam,

Did you install the PicoScope 6 Beta software through updates or by downloading it from our website?

If it was through updates, we are aware of an issue and recommend downloading and installing PicoScope 6.7.13 Beta manually.

It shouldn't be necessary to uninstall previous versions.

If the Beta software is still showing in your Programs list, please try the repair option.

Please could you generate an install log by running the install from the command line and send the file to support@picotech.com

Code: Select all
PicoScope6_r6_7_13.exe /v"/L install.log"

What is the OS you are installing on?


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