Pico tech. software under Linux

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Pico tech. software under Linux

Post by happybuddha » Thu Sep 16, 2004 2:24 pm


I will be buying a PC based scope solution soon and am studying the different options available. Pico tech. comes highly recommended and its also in use at the institution where i am studying. I have some technical queries regarding the scope software under Linux.

My primary work environment is Linux (Slackware) at home where i will be using your product. And at college, i low level program data aq. cards direct under DOS using C. (The so called drivers provided with the card are very cryptic, though drivers are supposed to make things easier!) What is the status of the Pico drivers? :) and what all steps need to be undertaken?

Please let me know how i can go about using pico tech. software under Linux. (Some good emulators for DOS and Windows, DOSEMU and WINE respectively, exist with excellent results.)

And does Pico tech. intend to work out something for the Linux platform? (Linux is used EXTENSIVELY in the internal college network! And in just about every place i have friends in :) !!)

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Post by Sarah » Thu Sep 16, 2004 2:45 pm


At present we do have a driver for Linux, it was developed for RedHat 6.0 and this can be downloaded free from our website at:


Unfortunately we do not have any software for Linux based computers. You can however write your own.

Hope this helps

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