TC08 stop sampeling after few soconds

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TC08 stop sampeling after few soconds

Post by odeshel »

I am trying to use PICO TC08 with RS232 connection and after I start recording about 20 seconds it stop's and not responding.
I am using desktop Win XP 64bit SP2
Pico Log 5.22.4
Thanks ahead.

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Re: TC08 stop sampeling after few soconds

Post by Hitesh »

Hi odeshel,

Is the TC-08 connected to the PC directly or via a USB-Serial connection?

It sounds like the device may not be receiving enough power (it requires approx. 7V on pin 7). Please refer to section 3.3 in the user guide

The other option is to use a USB - serial converter such as the one available from our website:

Drivers can be downloaded from the web page.

I hope this helps.

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