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ADC20 + TB

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ADC20 + TB

Postby maluedo » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:36 am

Hi everyone,
we're looking for ADC20 with TB, to use to acquire voltage and current from a DC device.

We want to calculate power and energy absorption from the device.

We'll use 4 differential channel 2 for voltage (V1 and V2) and 2 for current (I1 and I2), and we want calculate
the power like:

P1 = V1xI1 and P2 = V2 x I2

By reading technical guides of the picolog ADC20 we read that there's a minimum conversion time of 60ms but we don't understand if the samples from the channel are "simultaneously".

Is this conversion time related to single time for converting one channel or releated to sampling all channels?

What's the maximum sampling frequency of the datalogger?

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Re: ADC20 + TB

Postby Hitesh » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:39 pm


The conversion times given are for one channel, and the readings are obtained one at a time, so for one channel with 60ms conversion time you would get around 16 values per second. For 2 channels, this would be 8 readings per channel in a second.

There isn't a maximum samplnig frequency as such for the logger as it is governed by the conversion time of the ADC. As mentioned above, you would be looking at 16 readings per second with a conversion time of 60ms.

I hope this helps.

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