PreSales Advice - Suitability for purpose

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PreSales Advice - Suitability for purpose

Post by jimklett » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:48 am

I'm looking for some pre-sale advice relative to the 2104. I like the 2104 because of its hand held design. I will use a laptop with the 2104.

I would initially use the 2104 for two purposes:

First purpose - Background: I develop electronic medical devices. I am not an EE. The devices are battery powered and output an AC square wave for pain management (4kHz).
Proposed test: Measure output of the battery powered signal generator over time to determine the length of time the device will provide its output (22.5 volts @ .7A) with different MaH battery types and with different duty cycles. We would look for a drop off of output when the batteries are too depleted to continue to function and we would look for the duration of use in hours and minutes. In the past I have used a Fluke Scopemeter and the Min/Max trend plot feature for this test.
Second purpose - Background: We also develop hydrogel electrodes. The electrodes are the interface between the electrical output of a DC signal and human skin. The electrodes due to their composition are a RC circuit.
Proposed test: We wish to measure the electrical conductivity of the electrode. We would feed 10VDC into the connector of the electrode and then (using a test fixture connected to the hydrogel) we would measure the resulting VDC. We would like to get an "early reading" before the RC circuit mutates the readings. We would also like to obtain a "max" VDC reading and an average over a predetermined amount of time. We have typically used a Techtronics TD3012 scope for this test but it is too big for me to take to the various engineering locations where I need to test the DUTs.

Because I am not an EE I would appreciate a non technical response.

Question 1. Can the 2104 plot a signal for at least 30 hours with a timescale to satisfy our requirements for Test #1?
Question 2. Can the 2104 return "first shot" readings - or can the system be programmed, for example, to keep the fourth reading but discard readings 1-3 and all readings following number four? Can the 2104 capture the max reading and report it on-screen or in a Excel compatible format? Can the 2104 provide average readings?

I did read the literature and saw some glimpses of answers but I don't want to read into them more than is there. If this post is inappropriate for this forum please excuse my use of it for that purpose and advise the best means to obtain answers to my questions.

TIA for your reply,


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Re: PreSales Advice - Suitability for purpose

Post by Martyn » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:48 pm

I suggest asking this question directly to
Technical Support Manager

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