Which data logger would work for me?

Post any questions you may have about our current range of USB data loggers
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Which data logger would work for me?

Post by BrianJR » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:12 pm


I'm new to the world of data loggers (and electronics in general) and I was wondering if I could have some help in choosing a data logger to fit my application. I have an analog sensor (a submersible fluorometer) with the following specs:

Analog Output: 0-4V Logarithmic (1V per decade), 12 bit
Sampling Rate: 4Hz

Input Voltage: 10.5 to 72V DC (nom. 220mA at 12V DC)
Inrush Current: 495mA at 12V DC

Output is via two wires (Pin 2 - DAC A/Gnd, Pin 3 - DAC2 Out High) while power is via Pin 1 (+ve) and Pin 4 (-ve). I have an unterminated pigtail cable to connect the sensor to the data logger.

My question is which Pico data logger would best fit my application? My main concern is recording the output, since I think I could just get an AC/DC converter to power the sensor. But if there is a Pico data logger that could also power my instrument, that would be ideal! Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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Re: Which data logger would work for me?

Post by Martyn » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:56 pm

Most of our loggers would be suitable, such as http://www.picotech.com/multi-channel-daq.html, but you will need to condition the signal before feeding it into the device, and you will also need to use an external supply to power the sensor as ours are powered from the USB bus.
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