Urgent: PicoLog Recorder and PicoScope Identification

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Urgent: PicoLog Recorder and PicoScope Identification

Post by jbmcconn » Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:55 am

I recently purchased the PicoScope 3206B for the purpose of recording scope data over a long period of time.
It came with the Pico 6 and PicoLog Recorder (5.22.1)
I have upgraded the PicoScope 6 to (

When I open the PicoLog Recorder and go through the settings it will not find any devices connected under the "PicoScope 3000 Series" in the drop down menu.
I have found no instructions telling me how to connect the 3206B or find the PicoScope through the PicoLog Recorder.

I have tried opening the Recorder with the PicoScope 6 running and with it not running.
There is no change in response.

Does anyone know why the recorder will not work properly with the PicoScope 3206B?
What do I need to do or change in the settings to make this work?

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Re: Urgent: PicoLog Recorder and PicoScope Identification

Post by Martyn » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:18 am

Picolog does not support our newer scopes, which include the 3206B, and so it will not work. It is present on the CD as this is generic and can be supplied with devices that it does support.
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