'Sound' advice required

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'Sound' advice required

Post by Cx » Mon Aug 23, 2004 11:25 am


The company I represent is looking to test our products for their noise reduction capabilities. We are looking to genarate 'white noise' on one side of a sealed chamber with a microphone on the other side, and our product in the middle, acting as a sound damper. What we need is a piece of software/hardware that can then measure the loudness (dB) of specific frequencys of this white noise (ie. 50Hz, 300Hz, 1kHz....up to 5 or 10 kHz), and allow us to make a graph of loudness against frequency. Do you have any hardware/software that would enable us to do this?

Yours sincerely

Tim Sycamore


Post by Sarah » Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:16 am

Hi Tim

Thank you for your post.

I have looked at your application and would recommend our ADC-216 unit. This is an oscilloscope designed with audio analysis in mind. It has a 16 bit resolution and a bandwidth of 166kHz on one channel (83kHz when both channels are used).

You will need to use a good quality microphone, with as flat a frequency response as possible to minimise the effect this could have on the amplitude. No microphone is perfect but it is possible to obtain some very good quality ones with regards flat frequency response.

The Picoscope software that is supplied with the ADC-216 unit will enable you to perform a spectrum analysis of the signal that the microphone is picking up. It will display it as amplitude against frequency and these plots can be saved and printed.

If you wish to measure the amplitude at particular frequencies then you can use the rulers to manually measure these. However, this is not really necessary as the software produces the graph across the frequency range for you rather than you having to manually create it.

Hope this helps

Best Regards

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