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Re: TC-08

Postby taylor_m » Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:49 pm


I am trying to measurer the temperature of a HDD in a set top box when the fan runs, I am also trying to measurer the fan voltage and plot this against time.

when i plug in the fan with its sense wires to a potential divider the voltage is measures wrong and the HDD temperature shoots off to 100's degC !!

i have tried using the TC08 USB with a laptop and still see strange behaviour?

can you explain why ?

I am the third engineer to try the clam that the TC08 will measurer up to 70mV we have several TC08 all with the same problem.

The fan is running between 5v and 9v, have used a 1K and 400K resistors to pot down the voltage into channel 1 of the TC08

Thanks Martyn

the fan is running at 9v and i use 1K and 400K to pot down the voltage into one of the channels

thanks Martyn
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Re: TC-08

Postby Martyn » Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:04 pm

As with the previous advice on this thread have you tried the temp on it's own, and the voltage on it's own ? If both of these readings are correct then you probably have different grounds, or the cables are picking up noise, which is taking the TC-08 common mode voltage out of the working range.
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